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                 Eagle Eye Media Entertainment Film Ministry


We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Eagle Eye Media Film Ministry was created by Pastor Orlando Santos, from Providence, Rhode Island. He is a cinematographer / director / producer / screen writer who utilizes his film making skills and talent in conjunction with the Word of God by spreading the gospel to all nations as commanded in the "Great Commission". He has already begun planting the seed in his first faith based movie titled Change of Plans God's Way. It is a powerful story about three young adults who come from broken homes and are involved in misdeeds, their destinies will depend upon the decision they make. This is just one of many more films to come.


MISSION STATEMENT: We at Eagle Eye Media Film Ministry are dedicated to filming family oriented, Full Gospel, Christian faith based themes by depicting the reality of daily living and also a visual redemptive solution through Jesus Christ.


VISION STATEMENT: The opportunity to take this positive, Christ centered message and raise awareness on what is happening to our youth. By spreading the gospel through film we impact those lives by achieving optimum results of perseverance discipline and integrity to last a lifetime and break the cycle for generations to come.

Pastor Orlando Santos

Director / Writer/ Producer

About US

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