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"Prophecy of End Time" Goes into Pre-Preproduction In December 2016.

STORYLINE: When two lukewarm brothers witness a worldwide phenomenon of people disappearing, they find themselves with many unanswered questions. New laws are implemented to keep track of the population. You can’t buy nor sell without the mark of the beast in a cashless society. Syd and his family need to make some drastic changes if they want to remain alive. Famine, war, droughts, earthquakes and so much more has shaken this world like never seen since the creation of man. Many will seek death in those days but death will elude them. Chaos is the new norm and Christians are now labeled the new terrorist, hunted for rewards and beheaded for their faith. Syd and his family are forced to go into survival mode, as their lives are in danger and their faith is put to the test like no man has ever endured. Will Syd and his family find salvation in a world without God? You be the judge!

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